Using a reverse phone finder will let you know the name and address of any unknown phone number. Ever get prank calls or repeated calls from an automated telemarketer? They are annoying and burn up you cell phone minutes. There is a way to put a permanent stop to them.

Next time you want to see who is on the other end of a call without them knowing write down the complete number with area code. The first thing you can try is any major search engine. Enter the number in quotes, “xxx-xxx-xxxx” or try Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx and see what you get back, While this works great for most land lines, cell phone are usually not in the system unless the person has posted their number online somewhere.

You may have to pay a one time fee and use a paid service. There are some big advantages of using a paid service. You will be able to trace any cell, unlisted, pay phone, pager, mobile, business or residential. Plus depending on what service you decide to use you will get access to a lot more, like criminal and court records, marriage and divorce, address history and even people search for finding lost friends or classmates.

If you are get ting calls late at night and do not want to turn your phone off you can run the number through a search and get their info, print it out and call them back. Most people are so shocked that you now know who they are and where they live they never call back again. In most cases it ends up being someone you know like an ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

So is it really worth paying for a reverse phone service? You will be amazed at the sort of info you can find out with just a phone number. The information you get back is the same type you had to hire a private investigator to get access to. Now you can use the same services the professionals use!